Mobile apps make perfect sense for small businesses.

Look around, everyone’s using their phone in one way or another. Imagine your app on their screen and the ability to send a message directly to them. 

Never before has this level of communication been possible!

With The Apps Engine's unique development platform your business can have an app for Apple & Android's phones & tablets. Plus a content management system so you can manage every aspect of your app at anytime.

Why do I need an app? Do I really need one now? Will it increase business?

All good questions, and the answer is, yes it absolutely will.

We remember the exact same questions over 10 years ago when we started building web sites. Now of course a web site is more than essential to any business. Apps are going the same way and will be even bigger.

It's simply because it's direct communication with your customers. Your customers have chosen to download the app so they want to hear from you and get the best deals and offers. No lost email in the junk folder, no time consuming calling or brochure printing.

We all carry our phones with us all the time, they have become very personal; so personal, we even take them to the bathroom.

  • 7 out of 10 people in the UK now own a Smartphone
  • 75% of users go online with their Smartphone every day
  • Average time spent on a Smartphone is just under 3 hours a day! (Bloomberg Nov 2014)
  • 81% of users research products on a mobile device
  • Over 60% use their phones while in the bathroom (so you're not alone)
  • 9% have even admitted to dropping it down the loo ;)

Instant marketing with push notifications is just one of the very powerful functions available, here's why...

Example: Say you have a restaurant or a hair & beauty salon. You get a last minute cancellation - no problem, send out a notification to all your customers possibly with a discount incentive to fill that place. Ping! up it comes on their phone in seconds, even if they are in the loo!

You now have a far greater chance of getting a response and filling that place or selling that item than any other method we have available. Use Push Notifications in retail to promote a new line or clear old stock, promote an event or show with times and directions straight to their phone.

The potential is very exciting, there's no end to the instant marketing possibilities; and that is just one of the functions you have access to. There are loyalty schemes, QR coupons, contact forms, social media, events and so on, and all that functionality is with them all of the time! Click here for full list and details.

*Notes about developer Licenses: Some app development companies insist you yourself become a developer which costs an additional $99 per year for Apple and $25 for Android. The reason is, Apple will only allow a certain volume of apps to be submitted at any one time. As we don't mass produce apps we can publish your app under our development license, saving you this additional cost and time registering.