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28th June 2016

Before You Send That Push Notification, Read This

Whether you’re a small business owner with a mobile app or a seasoned marketer, sending your first push notification can feel a bit like cannon-balling into a pool full of strangers. It’s scary and awkward and somewhat invasive. Why?

27th June 2016

7 Great Benefits f Mobile Apps For Small Businesses

Small businesses have limited funds so they are always looking for the most lucrative ways to get and keep their businesses running. The internet and smartphones have greatly simplified the work strategies of these businesses. The app developers and in

23rd June 2016

One Click Checkouts and Pay By Selfie: The Rise of Mobile Commerce.

M-commerce, or mobile purchasing, is growing fast, thanks to more confidence over security and greater simplicity

20th June 2016

Small Businesses and Mobile App: A Success Story

Did you know that of the time people spend browsing mobile media, close to 90% is spent on apps?


16th June 2016

Mobile Apps Now Essential to Business Growth

Data shows that people are spending more time on mobile digital than any other form of media. Having a business app is becoming just as, if not more important than having a business website.

14th June 2016

Apps That Engage With Users Retain and Grow Customer Loyalty.

Small business owners are often told they need a mobile app to drive sales, boost brand visibility or just bring potential customers into the door of a brick and mortar store. But do apps really serve their purpose for the majority of businesses? It&am

10th June 2016

Mobile apps market to grow beyond forecasts

The mobile app market is going to grow beyond all forecasts made, with emerging markets leading the way forward, a new report by business intelligence company App Annie says.


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