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Wednesday 18th March 2015

What Business Mobile Apps Can Do For You In 2015 And Beyond

One major thing that’s changed across the board is that almost everyone has gone mobile. People are connected at any given point and time, whether through cellphones or tablets. With today’s competitive business market, applications that help with boost business are sprouting like mushrooms. A slew of apps are available for all purposes – from those that help with productivity, to networking, to security systems.

Productivity apps such as CloudOn, EverNote and Audio Memos help keep you mobile and ready to work whenever and wherever you are. They allow you to share notes and files with colleagues, which helps keep you productive even outside the four walls of an office. Apps like LectureNotes let you scribble freehand while some apps interpret data, as Roambi Analytics does.

Networking apps allow you to connect to colleagues and industry partners. LinkedIn, for example, is one of the most popular networking platforms that give you the in on everything business related.

Need to set an emergency meeting with your team members while away from the office? Communication apps helps keep everyone in the loop. Set up conference calls or team meetings from wherever you are. File sharing gives way for easy approval of pending project elements. When you’re dealing with confidential business matters, keep snoops away with security apps that help secure your device even when you’re on public WiFi.

But aside from apps that will help you with the business process and carrying out what you need to do in order to run your company, another way to rake in revenue is to create an app specifically FOR your business. With everyone online, it would be a smart move to make your company as accessible as possible. Provide a one stop-shop for your customers and clients in a way that is similar to but more mobile friendly than a website. Plus, having your logo via an app constantly in the line of sight of your customers keep you top-of-mind. Doesn’t matter how start-up or small your business is, making it mobile-ready can help put your business ahead of the game. In fact, over 70% of mobile users purchase and seek customer services through apps.

Be innovative in creating your app, and include elements you think will be of most use to your clients. Make your app the go-to for customer service, basic company info, product updates and shopping. With everybody always on-the-go, you want to be able to be wherever they are.