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Sunday 17th April 2016

Why your Business needs its own Mobile App

2015 is seeing for the first time more users accessing the web on Mobile devices than from fixed points such as a desktop computer. We know that having a website which is optimised for mobile devices is a must-have if you want to your business/ brand to have any serious visibility on the online realm, but what’s all the hype about mobile apps and why should you have one?

Mobile Apps enable a wealth of new ways in which businesses can expose themselves to users, market themselves, sell, drive sales and interact with users in the most avant garde way available today.

The scope of marketing investment, all boils down to getting a response from the end party, which in most cases is a purchase. On this, the “Effective Frequency” phenomenon states that a person is required to be exposed to a message a number of times before a desired response is made. The greater the frequency of exposure to a message, the greater the likelihood a response will be acquired. Hence when it comes to brand exposure, using any new and additional platforms, (in which the digital world surely does not fall short of), will undoubtedly give you the edge.

Apart from visibility mobile apps provide a multitude of benefits to business which are unique to them, such as they provide a focused way of interacting with users in a special way.

How is up to you, a Mobile app is like a blank canvas which is only limited by your creativity. It can be used to make bookings easier and more convenient - why wait till you reach a PC when you can book a Hotel, Flight, train, bus, ferry, cinema ticket, on the go via your smart phone? Hence speeding up operations too.

It can be used to create a table reservation platform, without the need of phoning, this makes operations easier for both client and restaurant staff. Why stop at just a table? An app can be designed to order your food too, no matter if you are at home or sitting at a restaurant table. If you are in the supermarket business, why use a loyalty card when you can have a loyalty App?

It’s more convenient and way cooler too! Ultimately it is these innovations that get people noticing and talking about a business, hence creating a free snowball marketing affect, which we all know is the holy grail of marketing outcomes.

Since people talking about your business is so valuable, a mobile app can go the extra mile and help stimulate this automatically, by having the feature to post statuses directly to a Facebook wall, hence exposing more people to your app and generating more downloads. Furthermore Apps can also be used to generate revenue by enabling third party Ads, being displayed on your app.

Combining all of the above, brand exposure, convenience to customers, talk & social hype, more efficient internal operations and even instant revenue generation, the benefits clearly outweigh the investment.

In marketing, visibility and interaction with customers is the name of the game. We are living in a time when we have more options of reaching out to our audience than ever before, however so do our competitors and staying ahead involves utilising all the tools strategically. Ultimately it is that little bit extra which defines an extraordinary business from a mediocre one.