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Monday 27th June 2016

7 Great Benefits f Mobile Apps For Small Businesses

Below are some of the most significant benefits provided by mobile apps for the benefit of small businesses that make them the first choice for small business owners:

1. Handiness (Use them while on the go)

Most small business owners run their businesses virtually. Some of them do not have a physical office location and others work while running their businesses side-by-side. In such situations, you cannot expect a businessman or small business owner to be sitting in an office and waiting mail. The modern apps permit the business owners to attend to queries or complaints while on the go. A smartphone with a data pack and some useful apps can help a businessman to manage his business, even if from the moon.

2. Quick Response Potential

The traditional business processes were extremely slow which often prevented customers from receiving their service on time. Add to that the fact that complaint redressed via mail may take a significant amount of time. The result is that this can leave a customer feeling extremely dissatisfied.

As a result, there are plenty of mobile apps which allow small companies to handle complaint redressed quickly. These user-friendly apps allow a quick response to complaints, which was such a great challenge in the past. Now, complaints are resolved in just one tap.  

3. Easy Customer Payment Options

Most often, customers seek convenience when they are looking for an online product or service. Modern e-retailers understand this fact and have made the best of the easy payment options available through different applications and software.

Some of the most prominent, easy payment apps are PayPal, PayStand, Stripe, Square and Google Wallet. While most of these apps charge a minimal service fee from the customers: they are reliable, quick and convenient. As a result, people prefer these payment options to the conventional cash payment option.

4. Better Customer Service Possible

Modern technology has sped up everything and helped to improve the quality of all products and services. The only shortfall remains in customer service where executives need to be able to immediately cater to the needs of the customers. As a result, the customer care centers often take long hours to address none of the more significant problems. The policy is to send the issue over to the main team and then wait for them to come up with solutions to the problem.

These are the kinds of problems that can usually be sorted out with the help of apps. A good example of this is the modern bank app. Previously a customer had to physically visit the bank, obtain updated passbooks and know the details of your personal life and transactions in order to get customer service assistance.

Modern bank apps have simplified the process so that now you can see and receive access to everything on your smartphone. They have improved the customer service provided by the banks. A similar initiative by small businesses to monitor their services using an app can ensure even more customer satisfaction.

5. Real-time information and tracking via GPRS

Some small businesses depend heavily on timely delivery and order efficiency. One such small business is a supply chain business. Many of the larger businesses greatly rely on supply chain solutions to get their products to the customers on time.

Previously, it was impossible to track the exact progress in order to provide a real-time information system to the customers. Today, as a result of the assistance of modern apps and the GPRS tracking system, it is possible to keep the customer informed of anything in case of delays or other problems. This helps to develop better relations with the customers too.

6. Gain Customer Loyalty (customer who use the app receive special benefits)

This is a strategy that is particularly useful in the case of businesses that depend greatly on customer loyalty. A simple example is that of a hotel business – if the customers are happy then they will return to the restaurant and refer their friends.

The best way to track customer arrival is through apps and then providing loyalty points on each arrival. That is the scheme on which the Hashtag Loyalty Program works, where people receive points for each bill payment. These points can later be used to obtain certain food items from the restaurant.

7. Tapping the Social Media Network

There are many individuals who prefer to stay in-touch with near and dear ones through social media. Small businesses develop strategies to tap the social media network and drive customers to their brand. 

Written by Sophia Harris