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Tuesday 20th September 2016

Top 10 Reasons for Developing a Mobile App For Your Small Business

Having an online presence through social network sites and blogs are no longer considered to be sufficient.

In order to grow your small business, you need to make an immediate shift of all your online activities to a mobile app. More than 65% of the users surfing internet are from smartphones. Surveys have shown that globally people spend more time on their smartphones than in front of their television sets. Also, 90% of people’s time spent on smartphones are devoted to the apps. This sudden rise of smartphone apps has presented the world with yet another powerful marketing tool. It is especially helpful for start-ups and other small businesses.

  • A good smartphone application can help a business to conduct its sales and promotion more effectively.
  • A mobile app also helps a small business to be more interactive.
  • This helps in engaging the customers, increasing the service quality and support.

Here we are listing the 10 reasons your small business immediately needs a mobile app.

Make Use of The Ever Increasing Usage of Smartphones

As we have already said that, an average person tends to spend more time going through their smartphones than they spend time on T.Vs and P.Cs. An average person looks at their smartphone once every hour. These results and analysis can be very useful for your business if you alter your marketing techniques by a bit. 

Make Use of GPS

Almost all the phones nowadays support GPS feature. With the GPS feature, you can easily locate the exact location of the mobile user. If you create an app with GPS feature enabled, you can easily locate your prospective customers from all over the world and send them custom location-specific offers and discounts. Attract the customers that are near to your stores by providing them with additional rewards.

Efficient Marketing

With smartphones, a business can market their products and services much more efficiently. It is the perfect platform for small business to make a huge change in its profits and sales. For example, through a smartphone application, we can send them to push notifications about a new launch, price drops, news and advantages right into their hands.

Give Them Extra Rewards

Giving extra offers and incentives to those customers who download your application can be a good initial move to promote your new app. You can give them extra discounts or personalized offers for their first purchase if they download, share or invite another person to use company’s application. These rewards and offers might be a bit of a loss leader, but the popularity and reputation that company can gain would be huge.

Best Tool for Creating an Image for Your Brand

This is especially true if you are a start-up or a small business waiting for your big break. Use mobile apps to market your brand and products instead of wasting huge revenues on social media and print advertising.  Make a mobile app which is feature rich and interact with your users on a regular basis. Provide them discounts and offers let your customers feel engaged with your brand.

Simplify the Process

If you are in a business in which you need to make appointments or take payments before you provide them with your service, make it through the mobile application. Ask them sign up and create an account and book their appointment through the application itself. You can provide more information to the customer through the mobile app or through messages and emails. You can also use the application to remind the users of the event when it approaches.

Taking Customer Support to Next Level

Most business fails because of the lack of good after sale service and customer support. Many  companies are now moving onto their mobile apps to take care of their customer needs and provide them with support. If you are a new potential small business you can provide support to the customers through various features available in an app such as live chats.

Next Level Payments

Companies are making the process of payment much easier. Everything is controlled virtually. Users deposit the money virtually and whenever they make a purchase in one of your physical stores, they just have to scan the QR code to pay. The balance will be deducted from the virtual wallet. Risk-free and hassle free, isn’t it?

Integrate Social Media Platforms

Most people log onto a social media account to see what their friends are up to. Make use of this idea. Provide features for your users to share, comment and like your contents. Allow them to log in and make purchases with their social media accounts.

Use Mobile Apps to Complement Your Website

Most of the companies today have dedicated websites. So their main concern is to decide whether or not they need to have a mobile app. But a mobile app is always necessary as it is much more convenient to open without the need for a browser or entering a URL. It is a one click process to get all the details and information about a company. So keep both.

These are the main ways in which a company can benefit from a mobile application. But if you are a small business looking to make your big entry, start from a dedicated website. Create and attract customers and use the mobile application to maintain their loyalty and interest in your company. Urge the users to download the app from your website and expand your reach and build  brand loyalty with it.

Be creative in popularizing your mobile app and witness your small business progress like never before!