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Tuesday 30th May 2017

2017 - The Year Small Businesses Should Leverage The Power of Mobile Apps

 Mobile app development is no longer considered just a branding exercise for small businesses. With the rising popularity of the target audience for just about any business towards mobile apps, small business owners are now convinced about the efficacy mobile apps show in generating increased revenues for them.

From simplifing online purchases to ease of communication and access to information, the benefits of a professional mobile app development are unprecedented for small businesses.

Why must small businesses invest in a mobile app development?

Until recently, the huge cost of custom app developement made it almost impossible for small businesses to be able to invest in an app of their own.  However, the recent growth of software development have streamlined the app process, so much so that even small businesses are able to embrace this new technology and have an app dedicated to their business.

Also, as social media continues to rise, consumers are becoming more open to engagement with brands on a day to day bsis.

Business owners are capitalising on consumers' desire for interaction by producing dedicated apps which are informational, inspirational and easy to use.  The common characteristic of these apps is that they have a strong call to action which can persuade the user to purchase a product or in some way interact with the company.

What Type Of Small Business Should Invest In An App?

Any business can benefit from a mobile app from hairdressers, gyms, restaurants, service industries, manufacturing to finance and sport.

This does mean however that the app builder and to provide more functionality and features along with a robust and intuitive app design.

Whether you are using your app purely for branding purposes, customer support or business generation, it is vital that your app is designed and built by a professional, so potential users enjoy rather than delete your app.

Statistics show that a common user spends about 174 minutes on their mobile devices every day and for many their mobile phone is the first thing they look at in the morning.

30% of all online purchases were done via mobile and this is only set to increase.

Apps are not only for online purchases, they are used for push notifications which put your business directly in front of the user, they are used for bookings, file downloads, vouchers, loyalty schemes, newsletters, customer support, videos, digital magazines, music downloads and so much more.

What Is The Future Of The App?

Apps are set to increase by 23% in the next five years and smart phone adoption in emerging markets should see mobile app store downloads more than double between 2017 and 2020.

With this huge increase in the domination of mobile apps, there is a clear message to small businesses and that is they must start investing in a mobile app development sooner rather than later, to make sure that their business and brand does not get left behind.