App Development, Setup & Cost

Creating your app will cost around £480 depending on requirements. This cost includes styling the app to your business branding and colours, with your logo, images and content plus adding all the features you need. When the app has been built and approved, it will be submitted to Apple and Android (Google Play). Please note - We do not ask you to become an Apple and Android developer. See notes below.

Most apps take two weeks to build and two weeks to get through Apple's strict guidelines. Once accepted, your App will be ready for your clients to download and you will be ready to use all the amazing functions to engage and motivate your clients.

There is an ongoing cost of around £17 to £30 per month, again depending on what's required. However this includes:

  • Unlimited help and support!
  • Hosting of your App on Google Play and Apple's App Store
  • Unlimited Push Notifications - Unlimited updates
  • A content management system (CMS) that gives you the ability to update and add to your App at any time
  • Access to reporting and analytics. View App downloads, sales reports and respond to App Actions such as form replies, booking requests and order history

*Notes about developer Licenses: Some app development companies insist you yourself become a developer which costs an additional $99 per year for Apple and $25 for Android. The reason is, Apple will only allow a certain volume of apps to be submitted at any one time. As we don't mass produce apps we can publish your app under our development license, saving you this additional cost and time registering.

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