App Features

 The Apps Engine - Home Screen

Home Page Animated Images

Our platform allows for a great deal of customisation, especially when it comes to images. You can assign unique background images to nearly every feature and add animated images to your home screen for a more dynamic user experience.

These home screen images can be poster style promotions that you can change as often as you like. They can also link to any feature within the app to complete and reinforce the promotion or activity.

The apps engine - Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Connect With Your Customers - ANYTIME

Our push notification system is probably one of the most powerful tools within your App. Send messages to your App users and let them know about your special offers, discounts, service updates, meetings, events and anything else you would like to notify your customers about.

Push Notifications Have A 97% Read Rate Compared to 4% of Email.

The Apps Engine - Contact

Contact, Call, Email & Directions

The Contact feature is the most essential on the App platform. It displays general information like business location, website URL, contact info (phone and email), and operating hours.

Call Us is a very useful feature that allows your users to quickly call you at the tap of a finger.

The Direction View offers one-touch directions to multiple locations, which is extremely useful when you have different offices/businesses in different places. This features allows as many addresses as you need.

The Apps Engine - Forms

Email, Booking & Enquiry Forms

The Email Form feature is a way to generate customer feedback, taking appointments, reservation requests and gathering any type of information.

Any number or type of forms can be created in seconds by simply dragging and dropping the form fields where you want them.

 The Apps Engine - Loyalty


The Loyalty feature is a very powerful tool for your business. It allows users to have an in-app version of a traditional stamp card.

Rather than pulling out a hole puncher or scribbling an easy to forge symbol, the vendor punches a secret code into the customer's phone which effectively adds a “stamp” You can then decide how many stamps are required for each special offer.

The Apps Engine - QR Codes

QR Coupons

A QR coupon is closely related to a barcode and scanner. This feature utilises your mobile device’s camera, and allows you to collect coupon scans right through the app.

 The Apps Engine - Social Media

Social Media

The Social feature allows users to sync their Facebook and Twitter accounts within your app. This pulls in their profile photo and name, which display along with their comments and posts throughout the app.

For instance, a user who redeems a coupon in the Loyalty feature can post that activity within the app. Users can quickly reference comments they've posted through the My Comments section of the feature as well.

A YouTube Channel tab is a great way to display your business' YouTube channel in a clean, accessible format right through your app.

The Apps Engine - Shop


The Merchandise tab is a simple way for businesses to start making sales through their app. You can use the Custom option to create your own marketplace, or opt to integrate Magento or Shopify.

If you have an existing shop that is mobile friendly we can integrate it into your app and make administration easy by keeping everything in one place.

The Apps Engine - Membership


The Membership feature is a great solution for limiting app access to a chosen group. You can set a master username & password that are required to view the app's content, and all users are prompted to enter the login info upon launching the app.

This is particularly useful for apps that cater to specific groups or events, or contain sensitive info that shouldn't be accessible to anyone who happens to download it.

 The Apps Engine - Gallery

Image Galleries

The Image Gallery is an easy way to display images inside your app, especially with its custom gallery feature.

You can connect to Flickr, Picasa and Instagram or you can create your own custom galleries.

The Apps Engine - Around Us

Around Us

The Around Us feature is an ideal way to display relevant points of interest within your app, drawing attention to hotspots or places of interest in the area.

You can incorporate up to three different categories but as many points of interest per category as you wish. Users can easily access business contact information, address and GPS directions for each location!

The Apps Engine - News


The News feature is a great way to keeps your app users up-to-date on issues that relate to your business or service.

A ticker tape can be added to the home page for instant access and can be linked to a tab in your app or news on your’s, or any other website.

The Apps Engine - Newsletter

Mailing List - Newsletter

The Mailing List feature is a great way to collect contact information from your app users. You can add multiple subscription categories and export your lists to MailChimp, Constant Contact and iContact etc or download them as a CSV to open in Excel.

Paired with the push notifications this feature will help both you and your users to get the most out of the app.

The Apps Engine - Reservations


The Reservation feature is a great option for restaurants, beauty salons, offices, and more! Using the built-in booking system, users can reserve time slots for various services, and you can fill up your calendar without having to take calls or reply to emails non-stop. Implement an optional up-front commitment fee for the appointment.

Manage your appointments with a beautiful built-in calendar. Receive notifications via email when appointments are scheduled. Provide users with easy appointment management. Book more clients and increase repeat appointments.

 The Apps Engine - Events


The Events Feature allows for easy event promotion. Future and past events with times, duration and descriptions. It also has the ability to put in recurring events so that these do not have to keep being entered. It has an easy “I’m Going” button to allow users to RSVP. It also has an in tab map to show users exactly where the event is taking place and how to get there.

If required users can also share photos plus send and reply to comments. This feature can be turned off if not wanted or needed.

The Apps Engine - PDF Flyers and Brochures

PDF - Flyers - Brochures - Menus

The PDF tab allows you to display PDFs through your app. This is commonly used to showcase flyers, menus and even reports.

The Apps Engine - Information web pages

General Information Pages

The Info Tab is like a static web page which allows you to insert whatever information you think would be useful to your users.

This tab can be broken down into categories like a web site menu or be a simple page, depending on how much information you have to share.

 The Apps Engine - Analytics


With our all in one analytics section you can make sure you are up to speed with what your users are looking at on a day by day basis.

You can track which tab people are clicking on the most and how many people have downloaded your app on Apple and Android.