Push Notifications

Connect With Your Customers - ANYTIME

The apps engine - Push Notifications

Our push notification system is probably one of the most powerful tools within your App.  Send messages to your App users and let them know about your special offers, discounts, service updates, meetings, events and anything else you would like to notify your customers about.

Push Notifications Have A 97%
Read Rate
Compared to 4% of Email

Scalability - Control - Scheduling

One of  features of our Push Notification System is Geo Fencing.  This is a virtual 'fence' which you can draw so that when any of your App users enter your specified area, they will receive your message.

There are two exceptional ways that this becomes heavyweight.

1.  If you have a cancelled booking, you can immediately send out a notification letting people know that there is a free space available and if they book it they will get 20% off the price.

If the booking is in an hours time, your geo fence would need to be within a couple of miles of your business, or else people would not be able to get to you in time.

2. You can place a virtual fence around a competitor and everytime one your app users enters that area, they will receive a message, offer, update from you.

When you are witthin the Push Notification module, it will tell you how may users have your app within the area you have specified.